Asparagus and Radish Ribbons Salad with Smoked Peanut Dressing

Raw peanuts
Smoked peanut oil
White pepper
Upland cress

In a small metal skillet over low heat, dry toast one quarter cup raw peanuts. Remove peanuts from heat. When peanuts are cool to touch, remove peanut skins by pinching a peanut between your fingertips until the skin slips off. Reserve toasted peanuts.

Wash and dry produce. Remove one tablespoon cilantro leaves from stems and mince cilantro. Chop one tablespoon toasted peanuts. In a glass jar, whisk together three tablespoons smoked peanut oil, two tablespoons verjus, one half teaspoon tamari and a dash of white pepper. Slowly stir in cilantro and peanuts until dressing is well blended.

Trim ends from two large radishes. Using a spiral slicer, slice radishes into ribbons and place in a large glass bowl. Trim tough ends from asparagus. Using a vegetable peeler, slice two cups asparagus ribbons and add to the bowl. Gently toss two tablespoons dressing on ribbons and let rest for five minutes. Remove any long stems from three cups of upland cress, add to the bowl and gently toss the salad.

Plate two salads, top each salad with one half tablespoon toasted peanuts and drizzle with one tablespoon dressing.