March 5, 2012

sauted swiss chard, red russian kale & baby broccoli

farm fresh organic swiss chard
farm fresh organic red russian kale
farm fresh organic shallot
organic baby broccoli
raw organic sesame seeds
organic green onion infused olive oil (recipe link)
organic apple cider vinegar
local verjus
organic sea salt

roast one quarter cup sesame seeds over medium heat and set aside. remove two cups chard and two cups kale from stems and break into bite size pieces. remove two cups broccoli from stems. slice shallot and cook for a minute in one tablespoon oil and two tablespoons verjus. add broccoli, stir and cook for two minutes with a lid on the pan. remove pan from heat, add chard, add kale, season with salt and place lid on and let greens cook for one minute. stir greens and replace lid for another minute. plate greens leaving any cooking juices in pan. add two tablespoons cider vinegar to pan and stir. drizzle juice on top of greens and sprinkle with toasted seeds.