October 23, 2011

fried egg salad

farm fresh organic mustard greens mix
farm fresh organic pea shoots
farm fresh organic red onion
farm fresh organic turnip
farm fresh organic red pepper
farm fresh eggs
organic green onion infused olive oil (recipe link)
organic canola oil
organic balsamic vinegar
sea salt

add one-half tablespoon canola oil to pan with sliced onions; saute for two minutes with a little sea salt. add chopped turnip and red pepper and cook for an additional two minutes, then remove from pan. remove mustard greens and pea shoots from stems and add to pan with a little water and sea salt (pan will still have some oil in it); cook for one minute, stir and add a dash of balsamic vinegar, cook for another minute then remove greens. add one teaspoon canola oil to pan and add eggs; season with salt and pepper.  cover eggs with lid and cook until whites are done but the yokes are a tad runny. dish greens in bowl, top with vegetables, egg and a drizzle of green onion olive oil. break egg to have yolk mix in with oil and vinegar greens for a wonderful dressing!