September 28, 2011

arugula salad & brazil nut pesto cream dressing

farm fresh organic arugula
farm fresh organic red peppers
farm fresh organic heirloom tomatoes
farm fresh organic flat leaf parsley
farm fresh organic basil
farm fresh organic green onions
organic kalamata olives
organic raw pumpkin seeds
brazil nut pesto cream (recipe link)

1 tablespoon lemon infused olive oil (recipe link)
brazil nut powder (recipe link)
sea salt

add 1/4 cup pesto cream to glass jar and add one tablespoon water and oil; cover with lid and shake (add more water to desired thickness for dressing). slice peppers, tomatoes, onions and olives. remove parsley and basil leaves from stems. plate arugula with vegetables and herbs. top salad with pumpkin seeds, olives, nut powder and sea salt to taste.